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Are our products new?

Our products are not new but are Factory Graded or 'Refurbished'. Our items may have been ex-display, overstock or customer returns.

Do the products work as normal?

Yes, all our items are tested prior to sale. Where items have been found to have a minor fault, this has been fully repaired by our fully manufacturer accredited engineers.

What Guarantee do they come with?

All of our TV's come with a 'no quibble' 14 day returns policy where you can return the product for whatever reason you want. After that you enter into you 12 month 'return to base' warranty which covers the unit for all parts and labour during that period.

What is the quality of the products?

Our Products are 'graded' to a B standard. This means that the TV's are in full working order and come boxed with the necessary accessories. We do say because the units have been out of the box to be quality tested, that they may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the surround of the unit, but they will not be visible from more than a metre away. There will be no scratches or marks to the screen itself.

What do the Units come with?

All of our TV’s come fully boxed and packaged; have a remote control, instruction book, power lead and a table top stand (where applicable). Our other items come boxed with instructions and complete with accessories essential to operate the unit. The items may be missing non-essential accessories such as cable ties, legacy adapters etc

What do I do if my TV develops a fault?

If your TV develops a fault please contact us on 0161 688 1542 and we will advise the best course of action. If our phone lines are busy you can always email us on and provide your name and order number along with the fault and best contact number and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.

What is the difference between HD Ready, Full HD and 4K?

HD Ready means that the TV can display a picture at 720p resolution. This is the minimum resolution required to be classed as High Definition.

Full HD can display a picture at 1080p which is a much higher resolution. This means that when connected to a HD source such as a BluRay Player or a gaming console the picture quality you will get on a Full HD TV will be better than that of a HD ready TV. If however you are just watching normal digital or sky, the picture quality will be the same on each.

4K is the latest high resolution available. It displays more detail and clarity than Full HD (up to 2160p) along with certain other features like HDR (high dynamic range) on compatible models. Whilst the TV’s will upscale whatever picture is inputted in order to truly appreciate the 4K resolution you will require a 4K source such as 4K Blu-ray or 4K online streaming services etc.

Do the TV’s have freeview?

The majority of our TV's these days have digital tuners or have 'Freeview'. Some models may have Freeview HD or Freeview play/catch-up services. See the individual description for full details.

Are the TV’s Smart?

Many manufacturers now offer more than just the “over the air” channels. Many TV’s can now access a range of “online” features such as, youtube, bbc iplayer, basic web browsing, social apps and more, along with access to catch up services. Not all units have this feature and please check the item description prior to purchase. You will also require an internet connection in order to access these services.

What is dynamic contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is a measure of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest colour (white) to that of the darkest colour (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display.

What's Plasma?

Images are produced by xenon and neon gas contained in hundreds of thousands of tiny cells positioned between two plates of glass.

What's LCD?

Liquid Crystal Display. A glass panel display that works by controlling the opacity of segments of itself by varying the electrical signal. Each individual segment called a pixel, acts as a shutter, to control the amount of light being passed through.

What’s LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED TV’s use rows of LED’s to light the screen. They still use LCD screens but the LED lighting allows for better control of illumination giving better contrast, a slimmer size and better energy efficiency than traditional fluorescent lit LCD TV’s.

Can you ship to a different address?

For security reasons we are only able to ship to the cardholders billing address

How can I pay online and is it safe?

You can pay by Credit/Debit card (excluding American Express) Our site is safe and secure and is protected by verified by visa and secure code by MasterCard. We also are secured by SSL GlobalSign. Your details are 100% safe and we do not pass any details on to third parties.